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  • Vivek Polychem Pvt. Ltd. leader in offering comprehensive array of specialized polymer compounds and masterbatches, tailored services and end to end solutions.

  • We make it easy by delivering world class products by aligning to our mission statement.

White Masterbatches

White Masterbatches

From simple injection moulding application to multilayer film, Vivek Polychem has a very extensive range of White masterbatches. Thanks to our state of the art R&D facility and extensive experience we offer White masterbatches for almost all application and polymers.

  • Manufactured with PE, PP PS and EVA base carriers
  • Suitable for processing on high speed machines & multilayer films
  • White Masterbatch Made with unique formulation recipe & additives
  • Optimum opacity, high gloss, smooth finish
  • Available with different loading of Rutile grade Titanium Dioxide fm 30 % to 70 %

VPPL has the right solution combining the requirements for excellent quality and performance at the right cost which is widely demanded, owing to its excellent dispersion. To ensure the same, we process offered batches using high grade ingredients, sourced from highly reputed vendors with unique formulation recipe & additives.

Black Masterbatches

Black Masterbatches

Vivek Polychem incorporates one of the best in-class technologies to produce their black masterbatches with highest levels of dispersion and carbon black loading levels.

  • Made with finer particle size of carbon & black pigment
  • Available with different loading of carbon black pigment fm 30 % & 40 %
  • Manufactured with PE, PS, ABS, NYLON, PC base carriers
  • Gives excellent carbon black dispersion & high jet ness value
  • Excellent performance alone OR combination with other stabilizers

VPPL offers innovative formulations that provide quality and consistency for our customer's applications. VPPL black masterbatches play a role in such key markets as agricultural, packaging, electronics, textiles and nonwovens, wire & cable, automotive, construction and toys.

Color Masterbatches

Color Masterbatches

We maintains a wide data base of color shades to meet instant customer requirements. Our laboratory is equipped with the most sophisticated instruments and a dedicated team that ensures to cater the most challenging requirements of customers adhering to strict regulatory norms and enables us to develop colors as per the choice of our customers. Covering a wide application base from home appliances, furniture, films, food packaging, Industrial packaging and automotives.

  • Colour Masterbatch Made with quality pigments & superior mixing process
  • Manufactured with PE, NYLON, PC and ABS base carriers
  • Improve the appearance and performance of resins to meet your exact specifications
  • Good heat stability, light fastness & no migration properties in end product
  • Provides excellent processibility, outstanding color stability, and strength
  • Offer very high color strength compared to competitive concentrates

Our color Master batches are highly suitable in varied industrial applications including manufacturing of mono / multi layer film, Woven Sacks, injection moulding , rotomoulding, blow moulding, HDPE pipe, wires and cables etc.

Additive Masterbatches

Additive Masterbatches

VPPL incorporates one of the best in-class technologies to produce their additive masterbatches with highest levels of consistency catering to a wide range of applications and functionalities. Our range of additive masterbatches includes:

  • Ultra Violet Masterbatches
  • Optical brightener Masterbatches
  • Fast Slip Masterbatches
  • Antiblock Masterbatches
  • Antistatic Masterbatches
  • Impact Modifier Masterbatches
  • Conductive Black Masterbatches
  • Anti Oxidant Masterbatches
  • Anti Fibrillation Masterbatches
  • Flame Retardant Masterbatches
  • Polymer Process Aid (PPA) etc.

Filler Masterbatches

Filler Masterbatches

The Filler Masterbatch is one of the finest product of our product range. It is processed utilizing the best grade calcium carbonate and other special additives post extrusion molding. It is widely used for polyolefin material in the process of extrusion, injection and blowing. Offered masterbatch is accurately examined by our quality analysts for ensuring its purity.

Advantages of using our Filler masterbatches:

  • Very low dust formation
  • Higher Loadability upto 50%
  • Customized grades with special colors as well
  • Special grades with ultra fine Calcium carbonate for very thin film extrusion
  • Additive packages for increasing strength even with high loading of filler masterbatch in film and Raffia

The transparent filler masterbatches are talc based for Blown Films, Raffia Tapes, and Lamination & Moulding.

Special Effect Masterbatches

Special Effect Masterbatches

In recent years there has been an explosion in finishing effects for plastics. Differentiation through product design as well as packaging design has become of paramount importance in the struggle for market share in consumer product markets and elsewhere.

Mass customisation through finishing effects is considered a key to commercially successful designs. Rapid developments in technology as well as a host of new proprietary pigments have enabled us to help the plastics industry realize dramatic product enhancements in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

The Special Effect Masterbatches (SEM) are highly successful and popular as they have extensive applications in consumer products like plastic chairs, cosmetic bottles, fashion products, etc.

Some of the Masterbatches are also successful in automotive & electrical applications where products are manufactured using engineering thermo plastics.

Some special effect customizations we can offer to make your product stand-out are Glitter, Pearlescent, Fluorescent, Granite, Metallic, Wood, Marble, Streaker & Double Color, Transparent & Edge Glow Masterbatches./p>

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